Ephemeral Thoughts on YouTube

The next few years will see in rapid succession a mass exodus from my house near the Loch. The first of my wee spawn will in a few short months make the transition from home, breaking from the shelter of the chrysalis to fly free into the world of chosen institutions of higher learning and the on campus living that goes with it.

As the parent, it is incumbent on me to be the provider of information which will ensure the success of my no longer quite so wee spawn, making them valuable commodities in their respective dormitory communities, as well as highly desired roommates. (I can only hope.)

These life lessons will be useful in post graduate life, as well as in the highly competitive adult world of careers.

As such, it is my fervent desire to guide them using a medium of expression easily understood by them.

The following lessons are to be a series of instructional videos for my children:

Lesson 1…
Toilet Paper….can you replace it?

Lesson 2…
What is meant by the often heard (some would say overused) phrase “put your laundry away”?

Lesson 3…
How to wake up with an alarm.

Lesson 4….
What to do if you drop something.

Lesson 5…
How to close a door when you leave a dwelling. (The advanced learner will also be taught how to lock said door upon exiting.)

My work here is done.

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