Sometimes I Really Hate People

Today I was up before 3 to make coffee, shower and be out the door by 3:45 yes, that’s AM.

Off to work where I feel relatively good until someone, a stranger, tells me I “look half asleep”.

Why do people think it’s okay to say things like that?

The “you look tired” or “you look like I feel” are all undisguised insults- blatant insults hurled at someone you don’t even know, and said with a smile…

How the Hell do they presume to know what I look like asleep, or half asleep, or when I’m tired or feeling great?

What ever happened to “GOOD MORNING” as a greeting asshole?

You don’t know what’s going on in my life.
I could have just come out of a coma and your comment could have really been below the belt.

Maybe it’s time to sign up for an etiquette class… or how about we teach propriety to children in school, since there appear to be very few adults skilled enough to pass on basic manners to their children.

It’s now 1:18, yes that’s PM. I’m going back to bed.

That was my ten minute rant, and I feel better, although I still “look like I’m half asleep”.
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6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Really Hate People

  1. Bigger question is: Why are you getting so worked up over what some random person said?

    When people piss me off, it’s alllll about me. I brought the matches with me, they just rubbed up against them. No matches, no fire. I keep repeating to myself, “Why the hell would I give THAT kumquat permission to fuck up my zen thing?” I must’ve been tipping partway over the ledge into the lava already, that’s why.

    And they can’t know that. They have no idea. They have their own shit. Maybe that person cut himself shaving this morning and now he’s hypervigilant about his and everybody else’s face, maybe the two scotches and a diazepam didn’t kick in for him last night and now he’s worried everybody can tell he has a problem, maybe he’s just repeating what some other dude said to him ten minutes ago, who knows?

    Screw ’em. Think of all the dirty jokes you can right now, remember the taste of chocolate cake with fudge icing, and if all else fails, think about sex. Have a nice day.

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    1. Excellent suggestions on how to cope with the lower subspecies, and point taken. He is probably a police sketch artist, and while perfecting his trade is focusing on labeling “looks”, and he cant quite get it right. He should have said “you look like you could loose it if someone says the wrong thing”, or he should have just said “good morning”… But either way, I’m not listening because I’m thinking about chocolate cake and sex as you suggested. 😉


  2. Guity, I should have known better next time. Sometime we are so preoccupied with so many things that our actions are based on the perception the other person wants us to perceive.


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