What did you just say?

In the summer of my eleventh year

I sat on a bench in front of a concession stand

At a drive in theater

Eating a giant pickle

Young Frankenstein played

I crunched

A boy about my age plopped down next to me

Ran his hand and down my arm

And said “You are soft”

As my 13 year old cousin

Exited the concession stand

With her own giant pickle in hand

She said to the boy: “What did you just say?”

He looked at her and replied:

“I said a word, and not a turd, if you’d a listened, you’d a heard.”

Well then

What do you say to that?

We said nothing

He went on his way

I still think about what he said

Anytime someone asks me what I said

That kid could have grown up

To be Ice Cube or Dr Dre

Hindsight is 20-20

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