Here’s the thing-

I haven’t written a post in forever without the aid of a prompt. Today, the prompt is not there. I’m worried about two things:

1) Is the prompt guy okay? Does he need my help? Where is he? How can I help him? I’ve been reading Gillian Flynn’s books this month, and as such, I am well aware that there are lots of nut jobs out there, and you can’t even imagine what could happen at any given time. So Ben, daily prompt guy, I’m waiting for word. Don’t make me come looking for you unless you are seriously in danger, because I don’t have that kind of time.

2) What happened to my creativity? I can’t think of something to say without Ben the prompt guy? Is he Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist), to my Charlie McCarthy (dummy)? I have been feeling a little uncomfortable sitting since I’ve started doing these prompts… like there might be a hand up somewhere back there calling the shots, and drinking water has been messy.

10 thoughts on “Here’s the thing-

  1. It seems strange not having a prompt. I remind myself that before the prompts, I was writing. It’s just easier with a prompt to point you in a direction. So I’ve taken to jotting down random thoughts when they occur to me. Otherwise, I forget. I wish they’d bring the prompt back, but it seems to me they’ve been trying to get rid of it for a while. They’ve dumped the weekly writing challenge … no prompt since Dec. 30 … and they’ve been messing with the daily prompt for months. We’ll just have to get ideas from each other! I get most of my best idea when I’m commenting on someone else’s post. Sometimes, I write the comment … and realize it’s almost a post, so I copy and past it into a file and expand it later. Just a thought.

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    1. That’s a great idea. I have fleeting ideas at inopportune times. Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone and I thought: “There’s my next post!”, but i couldn’t just cut her off midsentence to start typing notes into my phone. By the time there was an acceptable pause in the conversation that would have allowed me to do so, the conversation had taken so many twists and turns that I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I was so excited about… I still can’t. It would have been grat though…


  2. I search for other prompt challenges. There’s quite a few on wordpress. More than I can actually write for. Although, if you still are gelling with a prompt I always recommend going back to an earlier piece of writing and editing or expanding.

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      1. I usually find them through search for blogs tagged ‘creative writing’, ‘writing prompts’, ‘writing challengers’, ‘prompts’ ect. I also find some through the other bloggers I follow. Though you could always search google for prompts as well but that doesn’t have the same community feel to it. Reddit also has a host of prompts; but they’re a bit odd at times.

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