To My Furniture

We are gathered here today to remember the loyal if not fine furnishings that were hypothetically destroyed in my post yesterday, to lament and contemplate their loss. My furniture had a long and useful life, and put up with more than its fair share of abuse, my sofa in particular-

You my dear sofa were spilled on countless times, your fabric was snagged and worn threadbare, your cushions caught in the crossfire of puppy housebreaking, and as such, you suffered the degradation of puppy urination, more than once, by more than one puppy. An escapee hamster took refuge in one of your cushions, pulling out foam and cotton and burrowing there for three days before it was recaptured to finish its sentence. Children jumped tirelessly on you, and you suffered for it. That abuse resulted in broken springs which occasioned squatters to roll to the center unless they were so inclined as to hold on to your armrests with both arms.

To my end tables, you with your cup rings, gouges, permanent marker, stripped wood where nail polish remover had attacked, you have now truly come to an end.

To you, the fine Bukhara rug with your visible battle scar: a hole the size of a fist in your middle.The origin of the hole was a teething Irish Wolfhound puppy who in two quick swipes pulled the rug into a pile and chewed off the top before I could run across the room, I can only apologize.

The desk with missing drawer nobs, and it’s chair with a missing wheel, a long dining room table that sloped low in the middle, you too should be proud of the many birthday parties you serviced and the help with homework assignments.

To all these hypothetically lost items I say, thank you for your service. You are in a better place. There is a liberating feeling that goes along with purging possessions…

I have no regrets for my hypothetical choice.
The Daily Post
Jan 30, 2015
Daily Prompt
Remember this prompt, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

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