My Week- Not Quite A Rock Opera

I am suffering from the “Cold Weather Blues”-(Muddy Waters)
Days off wasted- winters typical news
Body aches- a chest cold
Results: me feeling old
I missed out on the vaccine for the flu

“R-E-P-E C-T“- (Otis Redding) in my life seems deficient
Between kids and job, my work load’s sufficient
Expectations are low
I deflect every blow
In that respect atleast I’m proficient

On the job “The Times They Are a Changing“- (Bob Dylan)
New rules, longer hours, wage shortchanging
Working from dawn to dusk
The mans greed is unjust
Priorities I’ve been rearranging

They Can’t Take That Away From Me“- (George Gershwin)
My teens almost grown, soon to be free
They’ll be on their own
Amassed college loans
With great jobs- though there’s no guarantee

What a Wonderful World” (Bob Thiele) so they say
New errands and new people to pay
From Auto repairs
To kids braces- don’t stare!
What did I need the cash for anyway?
The Daily Post
Jan 31, 2015
Daily Prompt
Playlist of the Week
Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.
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