Talking Squared

Have you ever tried to write or read or think or breath or sigh

While someone’s talking talking talking- ignore them though you try
It’s a futile effort though a response is not required
They just want you present for the effect that they desire
You’re their decoy to distract from a behavior you disdain 
They are talking to themselves through you because they are insane
There is a saying about gold and what silence is worth
The sound of silence in the air would fill my heart with mirth
Let’s all try to keep in mind when we are conversing
A conversation shouldn’t sound like monologue rehearsing
Then again those who tend to speak incessantly
Wouldn’t stop talking long enough to read advise from me
Those of you who read my blog are likely kindred spirits
You also value personal space recognize it’s merits
This is not the first time I’ve discussed this issue in my blog
I’m stuck like hair clogged in drain- I’m in thick verbal smog
The Daily Post

February 27, 2015
Daily Prompt
Last Word
You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

2 thoughts on “Talking Squared

  1. ‘those who tend to speak incessantly’ Oh, please come to work with me next week so we can sit in the back of the room and roll our eyes and make catty remarks while this person (a new department ‘director’ no less) goes on and on and on…..Love this, Lydia!

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