Ahoy! What say ye?

A pirate coach once said: “There’s nay aye in team”, and there’s nay team in the tale I’m ta tell ye about true love, fer two is nay enough fer a team. Avast me beauties, tis a tale bout the finest pirates bootie aye’v ere laid me eyes on. I tell ye this now because as me heartie always said: “Dead men tell no tales.” He’s long since wi Davey Jones, so tis up ta me ta tell this tale. Ye hearrrd it right, they didn’t call him Long John fir nothin. Yo ho ho, the sails were up and the ship pounding at a ramming speed. ‘Twas time ta dine, an that was when me eyes feasted on the strapping young Bucconeer, the sleekest schooner I’ve er sighted. Arrr eyes met thar in that galley and when we saw the cackle fruit that crawled out of the bung hole, we decided to stick to the grog. We may ha o’er indulged and been three sheets ta the wind, but thar was no mistaking, that was nay a hornpipe in is pocket, he were happy ta see me. I was prepared ta be boarded when he said: “Follow me lass, let’s get together and haul some keel.” Shiver me timbers the man was braw. Smartly he dropped his anchor in my lagoon. Twer the first real yardarm ayed feasted me eyes on. He commenced to bury his treasure. Roger me, life was good. Ye coulda knocked me o’er with a feather. We were happy fer a time. I would happily ha walked the plank ta feed the fish fer him, but ’twas nay meant ta be. My duties layed aloft, and so I left. But I remember him still today, he was the Cap’n o my heart.


The Daily Post, April 16, 2015, Daily Prompt: Take That, Rosetta!~ If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills?

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