And She’s Off…

Like the shot of a gun at the start of a race, her alarm clock sounds, the gates open and she’s off the bed. Leaving a cloud of dust in her wake as she picks up a small dog and running neck in neck with a big dog, she races to the back door to let them out. 

Dogs out, she rounds the first bend to grab the watering can so she can water the hanging flowers outside.
Rounding the second stretch at breakneck speed- and the lizards light is on! She drops a few crickets into the chute and chopped kale and spinach in the feeder. The dogs bolt in, it’s a dead heat as she tosses them a couple of carrots. Chomping at the bit for coffee, she fires up the pot, irons her silks.
Time for grooming and dressing.  She puts her stockings on one leg at a time. Pony tail and makeup in place she heads back downstairs.
Puts some pasture together for her own lunch, then throws some chow in a trough for the kids to feed on after school.
It’s time to crack the whip. Text all kids reminders: “You have an appointment to get your bracers checked on Tuesday after school”, “Someone left a mess in the bull ring!!”…
With a cuppy of coffee in hand, she is slightly winded as she eases into her car fer(a)long drive, bearing in and out of traffic. This is her breather on a typical daily double.

6 thoughts on “And She’s Off…

  1. That sounds exactly like me when I was commuting. Except I always had an audiobook to make the drive bearable. Now, morning is pretty much like that, except I hit the computer, not the car. I do NOT miss it. Not even a tiny bit. Keeps you on your toes, doesn’t it?

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