life is good… until

I sit in a waiting room sipping a free vending machine mocha latte, as the television blares “Kelly and Michael”.  In the attached garage, a mechanic changes my oil, rotates my tires, and flushes something. I have a coupon for this service, so life is good… until I espy true happiness on a commercial.

To the woman who smiles contemplatively as she stirs a concoction in the clear glass on her kitchen counter, I pen this epistle:


May I offer my felicitations on the recent outcome of what must have been a great hindrance to you. Your peaceful countenance has impelled me to covet that in which you prepare to indulge. I am conscience-stricken as I envy you your Miralax Laxative, which seems to have changed your life. 

I have the honor to be,
The Daily Post, May 15, 2015, Daily Prompt:Green-eyed Monster~ Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.<a href=””>Green-Eyed Monster</a><a href=””>Green-Eyed Monster</a>

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