Perchance to Catch Up

Long ago in early womanhood

I worked and played—my life was good

When tired, I slept

The hours I kept

Were not to last I understood

As happens when you procreate

Sleep deprivation— without debate

Swallows you whole

Sleep is the goal

New parents never satiate

Back to work, not like before

For third shift labor, sleep is war

I’d drool and fight 

To stay upright 

My book often hit the floor

I’d never felt tired like this before

Working nights, carpools,household chores

Shades closed tight 

To block the light

Hours I slept per day— just four

These years later, how time flies 

I don’t work now until sunrise  

Yet I’m still weary

Still owed sleep clearly

Not yet recompensed I surmise


The Daily Post, September 8, 2015, Daily Prompt: The Young and the Rested~ When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?<a href=””>The Young and the Rested</a><a href=””>The Young and the Rested</a>

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