Penny Candy

On the corner, a penny candy store with sour lemon drops

To match my candy necklace, colossal strawberry ring pops

Candy buttons on paper tape, cherry licorice whips

Bazooka Joe bubble gum, giant red wax lips

Pop rocks, marshmallow ice cream cones, jawbreakers—orange blues greens

Atomic fireballs, bottle caps, and from Boston boxed baked beans

I was a seven year old with root beer barrels, and candy cigarettes

This magic store near where I lived, I won’t soon forget

Bit o honey, sugar daddy, chocolate toffee made by Heath 

With a dollar in my pocket…this must be how I wrecked my teeth 

The Daily Post, October 2, 2015, The Daily Prompt: Ode to a Playground~ A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.<a href=””>Ode to a Playground</a><a href=””>Ode to a Playground</a>

8 thoughts on “Penny Candy

  1. Ha…Great ending. Only one I don’t recognize was Bottle Caps. Can you explain what they were? Heath Bars were the best–except for another thicker toffee bar with crushed nuts on top and thicker chocolate..Remember Butter Brickle candy bars? Man, they were goo-oood. I love your poem. What unites people of a ‘certain age’ more than penny candy? In our grocery store, they were all jumbled together in one very large box by the cash register. You are the only person I’ve met who remembers Bit o’ Honey. They had both penny versions and nickle versions. I bought one two years ago in a retro candy story and it wasn’t nearly as good. Was it the recipe or a grown up tongue that caused the change?

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    1. Bottle caps were flat round (about the size of a bottle cap) chalky, crumbling soda pop flavored candies. To be honest, I bought them only by accident when what I wanted to ask for was wax bottles filled with liquid, and I was too shy to speak up.They were not high on my shopping list. I failed to mention Swedish fish, which I’m happy to say are still made, and If they aren’t stale, they taste just the same. I miss the days when my biggest problem was which candy to spend my dime on.


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