Nearly Twenty Years Ago…

I was expecting my first child. My obstetrician suggested self hypnosis to control pain during labor and birth. The idea was to delve into your subconscious mind, willing your muscles to relax, thus triggering the release serotonin—happy hormones. All I had to do was take some classes to learn how to breath and gain access to my happy place. In theory, the time in labor would seem to pass quickly and there would be no need for drugs.

I have had a fair share of granola breath in my lifetime, so I was willing to try it. With my (now ex) husband in tow, I attended all of the self hypnosis sessions recommended. I practiced the relaxation techniques frequently. I imagined my happy place. I imagined my muscles relaxing, and body opening like a blooming flower. I practiced my breathing, and I listened to the calming music that I chose for the event, Pachabel’s Canon in D. This was all part of the hypnosis program designed exclusively for expecting parents. 


I was ready. Five days after my due date, I was really f^<£*?g! ready. Eventually, labor commenced. It went on for what felt like weeks. My doctor’s pain management skills were worthless. I felt it all. I cursed my doctor, I cursed the self hypnosis program, and I cursed my (now ex) husband, who sat on the comfy chair in the corner of my hospital room meditating as I screamed for drugs and my head spun. My body eventually split open allowing my angel to emerge. 

Later, when my obstetrician stopped by the room, she asked what my thoughts were about self hypnosis for pain management. My (now ex) husband chimed in that it worked great for him, he was in his happy place the whole time which passed very quickly and painlessly. Did I mention he is my ex?

The Daily Post, October 9, 2015, Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots~ Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.
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