Fear of Exposure

Those who know me, know that I google almost very thought I have. If I were of a different personality, more extroverted than introspective, I suppose this tendency would manifest itself with my being excessively chatty to get the input on thoughts that I seem to crave. 

I recently looked at my Google search history and thought: How bizarre am I? The thought that followed that one was one of fear of exposure. I should clear my search history because if it were to somehow become public, I would be mortified… 

Then again…since I find mortification amusing, I will do the opposite of deleting, and offer up my google history for your discernment, along with a brief justification for each search, and what I learned in each quest. Enjoy this insight at the expense of my ego and id.  

1. Can flatulence be a sign of serious illness?—I lunched on a large kale salad yesterday. Lunch was followed by bloating and severe debilitating cramps. 

Answer: Yes it can be, or it could be a large kale salad.

2. Cubs lose— As a Chicago native, I gave up on all sports decades ago. I was curious as to how close the Cubs came this time.

Answer: They got kind of close this time, but I still don’t care.

3. Costco store hours— Hungry for a large kale salad.

Answer: They close at 8:30pm, unfortunately I was able to buy a large kale salad before they closed.

4. Going grey naturally— Just curious, and frustrated with #5. Wondering if I’d feel too old if I gave up the battle…or bottle.

Answer: Some people look beautiful grey, I think I’d feel my age.

5. Hair color build up— The drudgery and travails of covering grey at home… 

Answer: You can remove color build up with a kit.

6. Jack the Ripper walking tour— Looking for, (and found) something to quench my macabre nyctophobic thirst on an autumn night in London. 

Answer: I partook. It was a morbidly entertaining and educational experience. I love London.

7. Umbrella’s of Cherbourg— Someone asked me if I’ve seen this Catherine Deneuve French film.

Answer: After the search, I tried to put a hold on it at the library. “Hold not allowed.” Damn the man!

8. ____ (a name)— search for the obituary of a relative who recently died an untimely death.

Answer: Very sad. Another victim of and accidental gun death.

9. Oil of oregano— a co-worker insists that taking this supplement would be a life changing cure all.

Answer: I’m not sure what she thinks is wrong with me, but I won’t be buying oil of oregano supplements.

10. Teenagers: what is their problem?— This is a frequent search. Looking for insight with regards to this enigma.

Answer: Hell if I know. Google this one again later.

11. Enigma— checking spelling 

Answer: E not I

And now, I need to ask google— “Where are my keys?” 


The Daily Post, 2015, Daily Prompt, Fright Night: What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fright-night-2/”>Fright Night</a>

7 thoughts on “Fear of Exposure

    1. I think it might be nice to try out a grey wig before I take the plunge. I’ve recently seen quite a few young girls who’ve gone artificially grey. That is a trend I don’t understand. It seems like a lot of effort, although I put the same effort into trying make my hair look like theirs…to each his own I suppose.


      1. I do find it eccentric thing to do when so young. With our extreme “youth culture” focus, it would seem they would prefer to not seek premature signs of maturity. On the other hand, we have early white hair in my family (hence the peculiarity of my hair staying white-free until the last couple of years). Three of my siblings had white streaks in front by their late twenties and I have a niece who went all white by mid-thirties…and she has ivory skin. Startling! She has taken to becoming a strawberry blond for quite awhile now. But, yes, we each have our preferences for many reasons, some of which are simply for fun, I think! I’d love to see what you decide if you decide to post it.

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