In Winter Darkness

Another dark and dreary December day 

The somnolent sun has set early

Like a pack of panicky baby’s 

Deprived of their pacifiers

Every four hours

Adult crybaby’s swarm the earth 

Searching for outlets 

To plug in their umbilical cords

To deprive these crybaby’s of electricity 

Is to witness true hysteria

If I could change one law of nature

I would hold the sun 

To its summer hours all year

Power cords would be severed 

The sun would be the sole source of energy

Crybaby’s with electronics would never

Need to find working outlets  or

Be left in winter darkness again


The Daily Post, December 11, 2015, Daily Prompt: If I Ruled the World~ You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?<a href=””>If I Ruled the World</a>

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