Pierre Mignard (1610-1695)
 — Time Clipping Cupids Wings

From the list of unused words
That it is not used frequently 
I find rather absurd

If in life you’ve been in love
Or someone once loved you
But now that love does not exist
The loss is nothing new

Love, like magic fairy dust
A piercing arrow bitter-sweet
Lose yourself in someone’s eyes
Gladly grovel at their feet

The problem with this fairy dust 
Is it will dissipate
The air will clear and you’ll find
Your heart-broken, still it beats

The height of passion— amore 
Succumbs to gravity
What goes up comes down and when it ends
This is the word you’ll need

When anagapesis happens 
And you step out of the fog
Shake it off…take inventory
You’ll see a pile of bills and the dog
The Daily Post, December 16, 2015, Daily Prompt: Third Rate Romance~ Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.<a href=””>Third Rate Romance</a>

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