Acquired Behaviors

In an attempt to be one with the world and its people who have taken it upon themselves to start the New Year off by acquitting themselves of a bad habit, I have searched the recesses of my cavernous mind for a habit of which to avail myself as well. In truth, I’ve done this so many times that there is not much left for me to quit. Via mind over matter, I have done and quit all. 

Since I’ve already downsized my bad habits, I find that in order to quit something I must first stake claim to a new habit. I have been people watching all morning in search of one bad habit I might like acquire, for the sole purpose of quitting, and after only an hour, I have witnessed a number of bad habits: 

Eating with ones mouth open

Nose or ear picking

Talking loud in enclosed public places 

Clipping nails, flossing, or any such grooming anywhere except a rest room

Not responding when spoken to ( me: “good morning” – other person: “_____”)

Asking personal questions of a person in a full elevator…

All of the above can comfortably fit under the umbrella of not being aware of the world around oneself, and I just can’t do it. Without a monkey on my back however, I am not only disconnected from the rest of the population, but this has left me void of ambition which has me feeling sorry for myself.

Feeling sorry for myself brings to mind a habit that I do have and should forego. I enjoy a good pity party every so often, and I could do without that in my life. 


The Daily Post, January 4, 2016 Daily Prompt: Happy Endings~ Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick? <a href=””>Happy Endings</a>

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