Coco the Cow

If this were a world without computers, I would use the money that I would normally spend on a computer to purchase a cow. A spectacular bovine specimen with a perfectly mapped out black and white spotted coat, and long eyelashes veiling her big brown cow eyes. I would name her Coco.

Coco’s only responsibility would be maintaining my lawn. Without the need to kowtow to me, we would become fast friends. She would offer me every kind of cheese imaginable…except for goat cheese. (For goat cheese I would need to give up cable.) 

I would search out a doctor who would write a note that I could give to the airlines claiming Coco was my emotional support animal. Then, whenever I travelled, the airlines would have no choice but to allow Coco to ride in the cabin…under the seat in front of me, or on my lap. 

Alas, because there would be no internet, I would be utterly devastated to find that no real doctor would write me that note. Coco and I would have to part with ways.

*photo credit modern

The Daily Post, January 26, 2016, Daily Prompt: Life After Blog’s~ Your life without a computer: what does it look like?<a href=””>Life After Blogs</a>

10 thoughts on “Coco the Cow

  1. Years ago… My hubby’s sister “adopted” a cow, there’s a website that you can adopt a cow so they don’t go to slaughter. (She’s vegetarian) Anyway, I think it was in New York somewhere. (we are in CA) So when they got married at the Poconos they had to make a drive to go visit her cow. Hahahahah. This post made me think of that story! hahahah.

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  2. I once had goats and for some reason airlines simply refuse to allow them in the cabins. I feel strongly that this is goat discrimination and as you would want your cow to go places with you, you might feel the same irritation that I do when attempting to fly with my goat. We should form a farm animal defense fund and sue the heck out of those pesky airlines..or just exchange cheese. whichever is more to your liking!

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