Sleep Working

What does it mean when you dream about work? I did just that last night, so I asked the good people at Google what it means, and this is what they came up with: It could mean a lot of things. Thank you Google. 

The question has to be more specific. To be more specific I have to consider my dream. My dream wasn’t about interpersonal relationships, or someone stealing my thunder, or losing Mr. Brady’s plans, it was just me alone doing the physical mindless and repetitive part of my job. Like an assembly line machine with no thinking, no talking, no laughing, no breathing, no art, I was just going through the motions to get it done…working in my sleep. The man has got me working in my sleep. Do I really need Google to get all sciencey and tell me about my subconscious in order to figure out that I’d like a break from work? 

As luck would have it I am off today. Today isn’t a typical day off, because I have more to do than just my list of to-do items to do. I have a party to attend. I can’t remember the last time I went to a party that wasn’t for someone’s child. I will be attending minus the requested +1, but a divorced friend of mine swears she will also be attending alone. How kind of her to absorb some of my humiliation.

Some logistical items to consider since I haven’t been out in public in a while:

• What to wear? First things first, I must look through my wardrobe which can be found on the floor in my daughters bed room. Since I find myself scrounging for my own clothes like a thief, anything of hers that I find appealing will also become mine—until she comes looking for it. I must start now so I can launder said items.
• What to bring? This is a 40th birthday party in a rented hall with music and dancing, so while no hostess gift is required, I must find an age related birthday gift. My son, a pillar of sensitivity suggests “something for menopause”—Thank you Ethan. I’ll head to Menopausemart after I start the washing machine. 
• What time to arrive? If the party starts at 8pm, the earliest one who considers themselves fashionable should arrive is 8:30, but since I plan to cut out early 8:25 might be a good time for me to arrive. 

Why am I planning to leave early? As the story of my life unfolds, it’s clear that somethings are predictable. I have to be at work painfully early tomorrow, 6am— I believe I’ve solved the mystery of last night’s dream: I was dreaming about myself at work tomorrow morning when I will actually be sleep working. Luckily, as a friend pointed out, I could easily do my job in my sleep.


The Daily Post, January 29, 206, Daily Prompt: Saturday Night~ Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.<a href=””>Saturday Night</a>

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