My Regrets

I should be thankful
People say that when
They are dissatisfied 
With some non-situation 
Someone somewhere 
Wouldn’t be such a bore
My complaint is not worthy 
And I’ve complained it before 
I suffer small talk
What to do with my hands 
Try not to look awkward
Now where should I stand
A party with strangers
They’re all in pairs
Not one thing in common
I can feel their stares
How soon can I leave 
Without offending
Party’s once were fun
Laughs never ending
Now stilted gatherings 
Happy couples—plus me
Look at the time
Ten minutes down already
Conversations about politics
Pro-the party I hate
I won’t argue with stupid 
In a heated debate
Ah the topic I’ve expected 
And waited for
They each have a friend 
Who I might adore
His girlfriend just delivered,
But they’ve broken up
My problems aren’t sufficient
Why don’t they shut up
Is there a positive light 
I could shed on this? 
Next time might be different
Though it never is
I say no more parties
Next time I’ll abstain
Somehow here I am
…but never again


The Daily Post, February 13, 2016, Daily Prompt: Never Again~ Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.<a href=””>Never Again</a>

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