Random Cabbage

My life is an open book. With regards to my daily purging of thoughts on the World Wide Web I have few secrets, and yet I do still harbor one. My secret is that I aspire. I want more than this discontented single parent life of endless responsibilities. I want something for me: passion, adventure, to feel alive, to feel loved beyond measure…magic. 

My most recent relationship was short lived. Monday night I stopped for groceries on my way home from work. It had been a long day, and as I often do, I blocked out all but the task at hand: loading my purchases into my car. I only saw the giant Costco size cases of water, the forty pound bag of dog food, three 50lbs bags of water softener salt, and on the roof of my car I strapped my giant case of two-ply toilet paper, enough toilet paper to wipe every crack on earth…twice. As I lifted the last item out of the cart, a lifetime supply of tampons…magic.

A rich male voice said: “Would you like me to return your cart?” I looked into his eyes, and that was when our relationship was perfect. 

In my world, eye contact constitutes a relationship. 

He had his cart, and because he was Thor, or he could have been had he been wearing a cape and carrying a hammer, he was able to handle my cart as well. I had been feeling sorry for myself, and then out of the fog came this perfect benevolent sculpted David…only he wore clothes. 

I replied: “Oh yes, thank you. I appreciate it.” And I knew true happiness. 

That was when I realized that a love that perfect couldn’t last. Magic dissipates.

He said: “Yea, no problem.” And I knew it was over. 

I headed home to lick my wounds, unload my car, and break up fights between my teenagers.

These secret selfish thoughts that I harbor are at odds with today’s National Day Calendar, where today is proclaimed to be “National Random Acts of Kindness Day.” What exactly does that mean? 

Random: occurring without definite reason aim or pattern

Acts: being done

Kindness: benevolence 

Today is a day in which we are encouraged to be randomly kind…or kind to random people. An example would be offering to take someone’s shopping cart back to the cart corral.

As often happens, this is not the only national day celebrated today: February 17th is also “National Cabbage Day.” What does that mean? 

Cabbage: 1. a plant 2. slang for money 3. stupid, dull witted person

Because I am busy, I plan to combine the two and give cabbage to random people, or be randomly kind to stupid people. 
No more secrets here.


The Daily Post, February 17, 2016, Daily Prompt: Evasive Action~ What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/evasive-action/”>Evasive Action</a>

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