My Three Wee Spawn

My first, the one I learned on, my little girl when you were small
You said someday you’d be a doctor– if I drove you to the hospital
Always right there next to me you never let me go too far
You’re now strong and independent– and drive a manual transmission car

You my middle child were four, when I asked what you’d like to be
Your answer was an elephant…but only a baby
To grow up to be a baby elephant is quite an aspiration
I always said you could be anything with enough determination

My youngest, a little boy, I’d get his attention with “hey shorty”
He in response would answer me by saying “that’s me, and you’re forty”
A creative soul and a sense of humor which we share
You now tower over me whatever shoes I wear

All your goals today have altered but it’s all the same to me
In you I see three lives filled with limitless possibility
Artist, director, actor, teacher mathematician
I know you’ll be the best there is whatever your decisions

This imperfect life of ours…with challenges that don’t need pointing out
Is filled with love, laughter and learning– that’s what life should be about
You’re my precious gems, my rising sun, my most valued treasures
To say I’m proud of my three wee spawn isn’t enough by any measure


The Daily Post, February 24, 2016, Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back~ Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.<a href=””>Pat on the Back</a>

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