Bon Voyage

“A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?”

Ah, what I would do with some relaxing time on a deserted island…

As a city girl, after half a day I’d construct a raft of poor quality and use my arms to frantically paddle toward electricity. I’d either drown or wash back up on the beach. Assuming I survived the ill planned escape, I’d need to rethink and revise. 

Living without my phone would be an adjustment that I’m not sure I would survive. My phone is my notebook and pen, and my research assistant, my camera, my computer…and my phone. It wouldn’t do me much good on a deserted island unless there was an outlet for recharging and a signal. I need to find those qualities that I love about my phone in nature.

I am woman hear me roar, in numbers totaling just me. I would need to somehow make paper out of coconut. Coconut is used for everything these days, so I’m sure turning a coconut into paper would be as simple as finding the zipper to open one. Unless I plan to use the coconut paper to make an origami boat to sail home on, for the paper to be of use I’d also need a pen. I would make a pen out of an inkfish…but identifying and catching one then squeezing the blue blood out of it into a jar, then finding a large willing bird of which to pluck a tail feather in order to make a quill—that might take a while. I’ll just bring pen and paper

My morning smoothie would be difficult to make without said electrical outlet, so I’ll need a machete. I could also use the machete to make sushi, grind coffee beans, shave my legs, and carve myself a companion bust of Colin Firth. 

To avoid the Zika virus I would need one well made outfit made of some type of mosquito netting with sunscreen protection that covered me from head to toe. 

For entertainment I’d need two books. One book that I could read and reread, a book with beautiful words and sentences that I could dissect and reconstruct. I’d also need a dictionary/thesaurus, so I could check the meaning of the afore mentioned words.

Without wifi, I’d nede to have a way to communicate with the outside world. I believe that with a roll of aluminum foil I could make a satellite dish that would either provide me with a connection with which to send a distress signal and selfies to the closest populated area—or it would provide me with some basic television channels that would distract me from my plight.

Well that’s more than my allotted five items if you are like the hateful power hungry cashier at the ten item or less line at Walmart, who would count paper and pen as two items, and two books as two items…I’ll end this post here. Bon voyage.


The Daily Post, February 28, 2016, Daily Prompt: Five Items~ <a href=””>Five Items</a>


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