In Contrast to My Imagination…Outlander

People can be possessive regarding their favorite books, and when I say people, I mean me. The images conjured when reading a book are different for everyone. Favorite books are personal. The characters live in my imagination as I cast them. When a book becomes a series or film, imaginary friends are kidnapped, and often murdered. 

My favorite book, actually series of books, for many years was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. There was much anticipation leading up to the first season of the series which filmed and aired last fall, a good twenty years after the first book was published. I have had conflicting feelings on this subject for some time. I was afraid that the creators of the series would ruin these books for me, but at the same time I was hopeful that they would do the books justice. 

The ads are ramping up and excitement is building again in anticipation of the April 9 airing of Outlander Season 2 on Starz. I’ve been trying to ignore them. Last year, in order to pay for the premium channel during the period that season 1 aired, I sacrificed all the superfluous accouterments allowed for in my weekly budget. No more frills and lace, no more shiny baubles, no more dessert, no more lobster in the kids mac n cheese, only Outlander to make me feel like I don’t live in a communist world of grays and browns. 

I am nothing if I am not honest. While the Starz series has exceeded my expectations, it has also taken away my vision. The casting of the characters in my head is at odds with some of the casting on the show…for example in my imagination I am the main character Claire. What the hell happened? That’s not me kissing Jamie! Alright, so I can let that go. All the beautiful people cast happen to be wonderful actors, and they fit the rolls almost as well as my casting. The costumes are beautiful. The sets, the cinematography, all breathtaking. It’s an impressive show. I’m not even sure if I dream in color, so okay director Ron Moore, you win. 

It’s taken me over a year, but I have finally figured out why this show makes me so angry. What disgusts me is that I’m sharing this story with people who don’t even read. People who don’t read don’t deserve to know these characters. Starz, it’s like you’re giving the good cake to a fat kid who doesn’t really appreciate it…no, it’s like I’ve been studying for my final exams for months, and then the teacher says there will be no test. All the loafers are cheering and I’m like–why the hell did I just waste all that time with all those books? Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but that’s not my point. Do I get anything for my effort? 

You’ve killed my imaginary Outlander world with your more perfect adaptation. Alright, I give up, carry on Starz. My kids will be eating their plain mac n cheese in the other room, and I’ll be wearing my unadorned grays and browns as I grudgingly enjoy watching. It really is an excellent show.


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7 thoughts on “In Contrast to My Imagination…Outlander

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  2. Oh I so loved the Outlander books, I lost myself in the series for a few months last year, rushed home to READ, I had to follow their life. I was devasted when I caught up and there were no more pages to turn. I can’t watch the TV adaptation in case it was awful. Jaime, Claire, I have a vision in my mind of how they should be, I couldn’t bear it if my vision was spoilt… Maybe I will try now, I think you had similar feelings….

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    1. It is a vera good show. Jamie is gorgeous. All good actors cast appropriately. The music is haunting… I guess I really do like the show, but it has murdered the images I had in my head. 😉 I’ll keep watching.


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