Ivy’s Envy

There was a girl named Ivy 

Who was the youngest of the litter

She fought hard to get attention

From her parents and the sitter

She looked up to seven siblings 

They were really all quite tall

The problem was they didn’t look down

She wasn’t seen at all

She so wanted to be noticed 

All she wished for was some height

Until one day her wish came true

She’d grown up over night

From this new perspective 

Life had changed — and she was seen

By siblings sitters parents

Treated differently than she’d been

Never given a task before

When no one saw her there

Now endless lists of chores plagued her…

It somehow seemed unfair

Poor Ivy had  envied everyone 

She never would have guessed

However bad you think your life is

You should consider yourself blessed

The moral of the story is 

Whatever you deplore

Be careful what you wish for

It could be worse than life before

March 16, 2016, Daily Prompt: Envy~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/envy/”>Envy</a&gt;

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