On the Shelf

Everything starts with a first, and the first project I conquered after my divorce was assembling a large shelving unit that I had purchased from IKEA. I can imagine the rolling eyes at the fact that this merits mention, but it was a milestone for me… I would even go so far as to say that it was life changing. 

The challenges with this project started for me when I decided which unit to purchase. Finding and identifying the pieces, lifting and stacking them onto the hand truck, and then maneuvering the hand truck to the checkout area was not easy. Is anything at IKEA easy? Getting all the boxes into the car, and out of the car once home, then getting the boxes (did I mention these boxes are heavy?), up to the second floor of my house was such a physical strain that I imagined aliens exploding out of my midsection. That didn’t happen, so phase two was a go.

The actual building finally commenced, and as with everything from Ikea, nothing is pre-assembled. I was shocked at the fact that I understood and could follow wordless instructions. I decided where the drawers would go, which sections would have doors, and which would remain open for my bedside books. It was a long night, and once the assembly was finished I had more visions of alien hernias as I lifted, dragged, and pushed it into position. 

Miracle of miracles, the drawers work and the shelving unit functional. I absolutely love this shelf, not because I’m a fan of partical board, but because I did it myself, and I didn’t think I could. 

This shelving unit was my gateway drug. It gave me the confidence to move on to bigger and more complicated projects that I never would have considered myself capable of, such as installing ceiling fans, repairing appliances… the possibilities are endless. 

If you’ve never attempted a do it yourself project, I would recommend that you give yourself permission…empower yourself. You can do more than you think.

The Daily Post, March 17, 2016, Daily Prompt: Shelf~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/shelf/”>Shelf</a&gt;

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