No One Feels Good

I don’t fight anymore…other than the fight I’m in the middle of this morning…the fight I fight on any given morning when my spawn want me to call the school say: “Junior won’t be in today, because he/she is fighting a brave battle against a debilitating illness, but he/she will be back tomorrow.” 

Today it’s my middle child, and she’s going with the generic “I don’t feel good” ploy. That is truly disappointing in that it lacks creativity. My baby boy is much more imaginative. He is renown for his elaborate staging which has included constructing scenes with fake vomit made from refrigerated leftovers. He also sets up his fake illness ahead of time, dropping bread crumbs the night before. “Ugh I feel weird. Do you have anything for a headache?” My response; “Don’t start.” 

Back to this mornings battle.She “can’t go to school, she feels sick.” My loving response to that is: “Then feel sick at school, because I am not enabling this behavior.” Her real problem is senioritis. I recognize the symptoms because this is not my first rodeo. My older child was a chronic sufferer. I suppose this lack of compassion I am feeling might hurt my standing as the Worlds Greatest Mom, but the t-shirt is fading anyway. 

The Daily Post, March 18, 2016, Daily Prompt: Fight~ <a href=””>Fight</a&gt;

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