A Glass House Needs No Window

To expound on an unintentional theme of late

That of “single woman with no time to date”

Independent (some think) to the point of fault

Not needing a man (they find) a personal insult

That I’m fine as a single some can’t comprehend

They all know somebody— a friend of a friend

Who they think would be absolutely perfect for me

“Such a waste that you’re single, you can’t be happy”

Ah but I am, so f¥€\^ng happy…leave me alone 

In my glass house…you who wields a rather large stone

With your judgmental words, although you claim to mean well

Friend to friend, I say take your intentions and go to hell

It’s not your concern, this status of mine

I’m tired of explaining myself all the time

My glass house needs no window, I have air and light

And I see the world clearly from early day through to night.

I believe the true problem here lies with those in pairs.

Because misery loves company…and I won’t join you there.


The Daily Post, March 20, 2016, Daily Prompt: Window~<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/window/”>Window</a&gt;

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