At What Price: Love and Family

The transition from selfish single to married parent comes at a price; everything in life comes at a price. The price paid for that particular change in status is individual freedom. Freedom is a small price to pay in exchange for love and family. You’d give up anything for that, because that is what life is about… Isn’t it? 

But what if that love turns out to be less than you had hoped for? What then? You rethink your decision, and contemplate what you gave away. The lost years of individuality—you can’t get them back. You live for your children now. Your life will never be about you again because once you’re a parent, you’re a parent forever. 

Your children do grow up, although your need to help them never diminishes. The attachment you feel and the parental fears never diminish. If anything, life gets more complicated because you don’t have the authority you had when they were little. Once your children turn eighteen you’ve lost your rights and sometimes all you can do is sit back and watch as the world chews them up and spits them out. All you can do is be there if they need you. In that, parenting is also more of a challenge now than when you were a part of a couple because you have no one to commiserate with, money is always tight, and the decisions are all yours.

 The price you paid all those years ago for that little family of yours was your freedom, and the responsibilities never abate. From the moment you became a parent, you never made another decision without considering the effect that decision would have on your children. 

The reward for all of this is the knowledge that your efforts are bigger than you; they’re for others and that is humbling. That is what life’s about… Isn’t it?

The Daily Post, March 22, 2017, Daily Prompt: Price~ <a href=””>Price</a&gt;

12 thoughts on “At What Price: Love and Family

  1. My heart also. But I am deeply saddened by what appears to be a generation that does not feel that way. Moms who walk away because they want to be single again; fathers who never take responsibility for their children. More and more grandparents who have to raise their children’s children. Each generation adds more hurt. Boy, that sounds terrible! Each generation also adds more joy!

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