I’m No Different

My hair has been restored to its original color using the contents of an eight dollar kit purchased at Walmart— bi-monthly, no visible grey. I appear to be a typical carefree woman now, now that my hives have calmed down. I work out regularly, so you could “bounce a quarter off my ass”, because what else is there to do with a quarter besides check someone’s level of body fat. (What is the origin of that phrase Siri?) I appear to be calm and normal.

I stopped wearing my “Worlds Greatest Mom” T-shirt a while ago. To be honest, I wore it out. I write about that shirt frequently, because  I appreciate the irony. I’m far from the worlds greatest anything, and I don’t think I’ve ever acknowledged the fact that I bought that shirt for myself. It was on a clearance rack one year after a Mother’s Day when my children were small. If I hadn’t bought the shirt I wouldn’t have owned one like it, because my ex- husband neglected to acknowledge the holiday, saying “you’re not my mother.” He was never a good gift giver. I have a sense of humor, so I forgave him…and then I worked on my exit strategy. 

Honestly, I’d rather have the money than the T-shirt, the card, flowers or chocolates. Money is time, and time is what single moms don’t have to spend with their children. Mother’s Day is a great idea, as are birthdays, but why can’t we appreciate each other every day? 

The idea of coming home from work to find my house the way I left it is wonderful, but that is what an empty nest is about, more than motherhood. I’ll experience that soon enough. In ten weeks to be exact, the first one leaves and a month later the second. That will leave just my son to provide me with writing fodder. 

With that in mind I have a thought I’d like to share. I have waived the white flag…surrendered. These daily battles: who left their dishes in the sink, why didn’t anyone bring the trash cans in, who left the wet towel on the wood floor—I’ve said it all often enough. They know what I want and expect. You can beat a dead horse to water, but what’s the point? 

I’ll be a wreck soon wishing they were home trashing my house…or after a nice stroll in the park with my tiny dog, I’ll come home to my clean house, drink a good cup of coffee with my feet up and wonder how they’re getting along with their roommates…(insert evil laugh here.)Every mom has gone through this and survived…I’m no different. 


May 8, 2016, Daily One Word Prompt: Stroll~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/stroll/”>Stroll</a&gt;

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