Come with me to a point in time, during the Lancastrean phase of the hundred year war, when an illiterate farm girl of fourteen saw visions. These visions of saints led her to seek out Charles of Valois. She convinced the prince that these visions, and the voice of God, had instructed her to take charge of her country’s army, even though she had no military background or training. 

Charles, whose country had suffered countless losses, allowed her to lead a French army to Orleans where they achieved a remarkable victory. Joan of Arc, La Pucelle d’O’leans, led troupes to more victories, and her efforts helped bring Charles to the French throne as King Charles VII.

These victories brought about at the helm of a teenaged girl, humiliated the English. She was eventually captured at Compiegne, and was tried for, and convicted of heresy and witchcraft. No demonstrable attempts were made by the French King to negotiate her release. She was taken to the old market place of Rouen, in English controlled Normandy, where at the age of nineteen she was burned at the stake. The year was 1431, May 30.

Now come with me to the twenty first century…a typical family home, anywhere USA. What would it take today to inspire a teenager to mow the lawn? Send me a vision.

May 13, 2016, One Word Daily Post: Vision~ <a href=””>Vision</a&gt;

6 thoughts on “Visions

      1. I love historical fiction that has been well researched, so that the “big” historical events and locations are accurate. Thanks for the book reference. I’ll check to see if I can get it for kindle.

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