Sounds of Saga

A violin plays Hava Nagila

The electric hummm of 

A garage door opening

And closing

Rapid clomping of feet in heels

Keys hit a wood deck

As a heel slides out 

The other foot stomps down

Thuds as random groceries fall

Momentary chaos ensues until

I reign it in

Correcting my stance 

Saved from a fall

By me

Keys and groceries recovered 

By me


My hand reaches the back door knob

I use the knob to pull myself up

The last three steps

Singling out the correct key 

I push the door open

Crickets chirp

The violin plays Hava Nagila


and faster

Dogs bark a greeting 

I sigh—

“I’m hungry”

bellows a teenaged boy

lounging on a sofa

11:45 PM 

The television is blaring—

If I go to bed right now

I’ll get 7 hours

The saga continues…


May 22, 2016, One Word Daily Post: Saga~ <a href=””>Saga</a&gt;

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