It’s Just a Phase

I get a little crazy when I have to say everything three times, only to get a response of “okay, I heard you.” 

But still, I am not heard. 

It’s a phase. 

My requests that things be kept tidy, maintained, are ignored. 

Another phase.


Of course, a phase. 

Hurt feelings when I try to point out what needs to change.

I’ll try to rephrase during this phase.

The need for a nudge with every step. 

It’s a phase.

Secretive behavior with friends, and conversations that end when I enter a room. 


The parties when I go to work. 

It happens.


The day comes, 

Like a bolt of lightning, 

An epiphany, 


These behaviors are normal, 

Just a phase 

For a teenager…

For a spouse, 

It’s time to cut your losses.
May 24, 2016, One Word Daily Post: Phase~<a href=””>Phase</a&gt;

4 thoughts on “It’s Just a Phase

  1. Lovely post. How I interpreted it, is, these behaviours are tolerable in a teenager, but not a spouse.
    If my interpretation was correct, the way your post just threw “for a spouse” in was brilliantly done!

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