Inmates Are Running the Asylum

On any given day, out of seeming calmness, violent shouting erupts. I grab my human size butterfly net and head toward the commotion. On closer inspection I find any combination of three people, still in their teenaged years. The cause of these altercations does vary widely, but all fit under the umbrella of teens feeling entitled. 

The problem here is easy to understand. The warden has been forced to work many hours to keep the slop supplies up, and without a guard to keep sufferers in check, chaos has ensued. I realise now that the inmates have been running the asylum for some time.

Two of these inmates will be released to other institutions (those of higher learning), in a matter of weeks,  and all I can say, as my house and peace of mind try to find an orderly state of being to dwell in is: Good luck world, I did the best I could with what I had to work with.  


May 29, 2016, One Word Daily Post: Orderly~ <a href=””>Orderly</a&gt;

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