Greedy…But Sexy

I have thought many a thought in my lifetime
But there is one thought I’ve ne’er had
It’s that If only my phone were sexier…
My life wouldna be so bad

To say sexier, would be to acknowledge
My current phone is somewhat hot
But it’s sexiness could be improved on
So IPhone7—can you hook me up, or not? “the new design will have to be sexier”
With its new wrap around screen
It will be waterproof, wirelessly charge,
And one more thing we’ve not yet seen

IPhone7 will slim down by eliminating
Something I was sure I need
No headphone jack—What the what?!
Now Apple, this is surely greed

How will I listen to my audio books?
Relax techno moron, you say…
Apple as always, one step ahead
The plan is that you’ll pay

$200.-$400. for compatible
wireless headphones by Beats
(Since August, of 2014, Apple owned)
So now your old headphones are obsolete

I am sad dear people of Apple,
Because my Iphone6 is a loyal friend
And my cheap headphones—sexy to me
Where does corporate greed end?

June 7, 2016, One Word Daily Post: Connected~<a href=””>Connected</a>&nbsp;

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