The Power of Zero

I imagine treading water while trying to keep my possessions dry. I’ve been treading water for years, and it’s exhausting. What if I let the possessions go? I imagine I would lay back and float…

If I purge my possessions, my life should be less chaotic. The rule for zero in math as an exponent is that any number (except zero) raised to the 0 power is equal to 1. In an abstract way that idea applies life. I’m not trying to sell a shopping cart as real estate. I’m saying the less I have to maintain, the lighter my burden should be, which would theoretically free up time, energy and peace of mind that I could give to those people and things that I value. Zero encumbrances, make one whole person. 

Before heading up stairs to bed last night, I turned toward the office as always to turn off the lizard’s light, but the lizard, the entire tank, the cricket house with the crickets are all gone. I finally made good on my threats and gave the lizard away. 

Well over two years ago, the lizard became my lizard because my son lost interest. I have two dogs, three teens, an old house, and long hours at a job, which doesn’t leave time for a reptile. Still, I kept the tank clean, and I made sure he had vegetables daily, and water. I made the weekly stop for a bag of live crickets, and I housed the crickets in their own dwelling with their food and water until their link on the food chain was forged. 

I found a home for the lizard a year ago, but my son protested. I cancelled the plans, disappointing the person who was going to adopt him. It became clear almost immediately that my son once again wasn’t going to hold up his end of the bargain. This time, the person who had offered to take the lizard was no longer willing. She was willing to lecture me about proper parenting and following through on threats. 

So now, one year later, I found someone else who was willing to adopt this five year old, eighteen inch long bearded dragon who has another five years of life in him. A high school girl who my middle daughter knows. She and her dad came to take Ernie and his belongings last night, months after she first expressed an interest. I found what I hope is a home where he’ll get more attention.

This brings me one step closer to a simplified life. I’ve never given a pet away, and I hope I never have to do it again. Strangely, I don’t feel lighter or less encumbered. This step doesn’t feel good. It feels like a loss.
June 11, 2016, One Word Daily Prompt: Simplicity~ <a href=””>Simplicity</a&gt;

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