To Struggle, Or Not

Certain words evoke emotions, and the word “struggle” is a word I struggle with. The word is negative, self serving, and really, it is a choice. I don’t allow myself to struggle. I could struggle through my life as a single parent, or I could just live my life.

Back in the day when work was where I went to unwind…while earning the requisite survival money, I struggled constantly. Those were the days when I could still easily see the tops of my children’s heads. Those days didn’t have to be so difficult. 

On one particular typical day, I pulled into my garage, car loaded down with newly purchased groceries, and began the process of unloading my trunk. Heavy cumbersome bags and boxes balanced precariously as I pulled open a gate, climbed steps, searched for keys, dropping several items in the process, and finally unlocked and pushed through the door. A man (whom I was married to), sat on the sofa, beer in hand, said: “You should make two trips.” 

I continued to struggle with that baggage until I filed for divorce. I have goals. I do what I have to do. I choose not to struggle.
June 14, 2016, One Word Daily Prompt: Struggle~ <a href=””>Struggle</a&gt;

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