The Chow Train and a Flick

Burned out after a long day of chasing greenbacks, I was left with some chump change burning a hole in my pocket, before I decided to make like a tree and leave for my crib. Thing 2 was in a holding pattern on the barcalounger, and said “Yolo, I’ll help you drop some coin—a slasher or chick flick, then hit the chow train. Burning the candle at both ends, I could feel a crash and burn bubbling under my skin, but we decided to make like a baby and head out. 

The meal was snoresville, but we scarfed it down before we made like a shepherd and got the flock outta there. That was when I started living the good life. We passed on the fish fiction flick with the boring blond beach babe, and instead, junior threw me a bone. 

Your burning question at this point must be, what flick did we pick at the bijou? When I spill those beans I will lose many o readers, because Jane Austen is a taste I’ve acquired but Joe Blow and his uncle Bob won’t swallow. 

We, (I who funded the night), decided on the new film based on Jane Austen’s short epistolary novel “Lady Susan”, re-titled “Love and Friendship,” published 54 years posthumously. I know…you wish you were me.

Jane Austen makes me as happy as a pig wandering into my daughters bedroom, but the only straight man in the theater wasn’t digging it. “Love and Friendship” was perfection. The only improvement might have been to cast my imaginary British boyfriend Colin Firth. This has been my fact free opinion, because “Facts are such horrid things!”

July 2, 2016, One Word Daily Prompt: Burn~ <a href=””>Burn</a&gt;

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