The Elusive Dream

In my heart and mind I have a yearning

What I want and need, I am still learning

Of course: to feed the world, have peace on earth

Provide painkillers to all who give birth

For me— a house, a dog, a job, some cash

Laser hair removal—for my mustache

To pay in advance, all my children’s needs

School, housing, and food…is this longing greed?

I require washboard abs without steroids

All benefits offered to the unemployed

I want to talk about my views on life

To a perfect man, without being his wife

He exists to please me, to wine and dine

I will maintain my space, my life is mine

A handbag the price of a Viking range

Louboutin shoes…the thing that I find strange

Is that I want these things but I surmise

Those with them are not more content than I

There is an elusive trait, I conclude

I really need— selfless solicitude 

July 26, 2016, One Word Prompt: Elusive~ <a href=””>Elusive</a&gt;

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