Five days remain until I take Thing 1 on a trip across the country where she will attend school. She has already asked if she can come back every weekend. This request, no doubt stems from her desire to update her wardrobe.

Thing 1: “Where is my belt! I need it! 

Thing 2: “I don’t have your belt.”

Thing 1: “You stole my belt, give it back.”

Me: “You mean my belt? It’s in the laundry room still attached to my grey pants. The ones I saw you wearing yesterday.” 

All is calm for three minutes.

Thing 1: “This belt is broken!”

How do birds handle this? I know they don’t wear belts, but how do they cope when it’s time to shake up the nest? I’ve seen them fight to protect their eggs and hatchlings, but how long are they in the nest? It must get crowded. 

My internet research tells me that within two weeks it’s time for most chicks move on. Many are kicked out of the nest before they can even fly. Apparently the nest is an easy target for predators, or a strong winds, so there’s is motivation to keep that phase of development short. Once out of the nest, the parents will seemingly abandon the chicks, but they are often hiding nearby, keeping watch, and ready to swoop in to protect or feed junior.

If I took a lesson from birds, and applied it toward my life, I’d disassemble my nest, and then hide somewhere to watch on the first weekend Thing One Attempts to return. That isn’t likely to happen, not only because it sounds crazy, but also because after I take Thing Two to school next month, I’ll still be left with Thing Three. If only regurgitated worm were enough. 


July 29, 2016, One Word Prompt: Wind~  <a href=””>Wind</a&gt;

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