Dissipating Energy

Electricity goes unnoticed until your power goes out. That is when you realise how dependent you are on it for everything from seeing your hand in front of your face to flushing the toilet. 

I’ve never really thought about the human energy that has filled my house for the past twenty years, but it is about to dissipate. Two days and counting until I take my oldest across the country to school, and then ten days later I take the second in the opposite direction. I fully expect the walls to deflate a little. 

All the things I’m supposed to tell myself are silently repeated: this not an ending but it is the beginning of the next phase, this the next step in the progression of life, college has always been the goal. Everything is temporary, so this profound feeling of loss will be ephemeral too. 

I will still have one child at home, and I have my dogs, so I am being a little ridiculous. In any case, I will keep it together for now because these people still take their cues from me.


August 2, 2016, One Word Prompt: Profound~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/249091/”>Profound</a&gt;

3 thoughts on “Dissipating Energy

  1. People always leave void when they leave. It’s kind of sad, but then you wake up to the impact they had on your life, and appreciate them more when they come back.


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