Ode to a New National Day 

Today on the National Day Calendar, we tip our hats in honor of National Felt Hat Day. Because I need to know exactly what it is I am celebrating, I did some online research on the subject of felt. This online research is consequential because today is also National Online Learning Day. In my constant quest for efficiency, learning online and felt hat day met, and had a baby named On Line Felt Hat Learning Day

An Ode

When I think of felt, which rarely happens, I think of Halloween. 

Costumes I’ve fashioned in my past, from Deviled Egg to Evil Queen

Each started with a stop at the arts and crafts supply store

Vague ideas in my mind – felt is what I was shopping for

Whether wool or acrylic, fibers matted, condensed, and pressed 

Natural fibers mixed and interlocked appear to make the best

Felt is manipulated into shapes with hot water and steam

That’s all I care to share on felt hats…so you matriculate it seems

If you’re still slogging through this online lesson – I’m sorry, I confess

I hadn’t planned on any graduates, so I end this jumbled mess

September 15, 2016, Daily Prompt: Slog~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/slog/”>Slog</a&gt;

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