Clowns are People Too

Anti Clown panic threatens to cause lasting damage in Clown communities across the country. This week it got personal for Shelky the Clown. He didn’t understand when someone shouted at him from a passing car: “I was just waiting for the bus on my way to work when a car slowed down and a man shouted ‘Pay your taxes!’ Another incident with Shelky: “That same day two women at the shoe repair shop spoke loudly enough to be heard by all saying: ‘His hair is just ridiculous.'”

Anti-Clown sentiment may be more rampant due to presidential candidate Donald Trump fanning the flames. One Clown who asked not to be identified said: “He is confusing the general public who view him as a politically dangerous, tax evading, misogynistic, racist Clown. They assume all Clowns are like him.”  A sharp increase in Clownphobia has fueled discrimination, and now many Clowns are afraid to use public transportation, opting instead to Clown car pool.

Clowns fear for their safety as word spreads that one of their own has been shot in what appears to be a Clown hate crime. Copycat Clowns are popping up nationwide to show support for Clown Americans who just want to be left alone so they can live their lives free from persecution. 

Only a handful of news sites (like this one) are reporting on the true nature of what seems to be a Clown invasion, getting the real news from the true victims — the besieged Clowns who, almost overnight, are forced to live in a war zone. “This is America, isn’t it?” Shelky asked. 

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