Multiple Clown Sightings

The clock strikes noon, the bell rings, and we all spring to life. Drying the drool off my cheek I grab my jacket, as do the other inmates, and run from that Chicago public school where I do my time. My destination–home, and I run because I only have an hour. It’s lunch time, so I grab some white bread and a jar of peanut butter- crunchy, because creamy is for wimps, and I settle in front of the console tv to eat my lunch. What I watch at this time in my very young life is “Bozo’s Circus”. 

That was my daily routine in the 1970’s

I like clowns as much as the next guy. Maybe because I grew up watching “Bozo’s Circus” I don’t have the weird clown phobia that so many people do. 

This is the point of my story where I should give a very brief history of the clown. John Grimaldi was the first white faced mainstream clown. He dates back to the 1800’s. Early clowns were stage comedians and pantomimes who most often played the fool. 

Moving on– I was an adult visiting a friend who just had her first baby when I realized “clown phobia” existed. My friend was relieved to see me at her door, because if I had been her mother-inlaw, she would have had to prominently display the giant clown puppet said mother-inlaw had gifted the baby. My friend only pulled it out of the locked closet when a mother in law visit was imminent, because clowns terrified her…a grown woman. 

Horror/ suspense author Steven King and serial killer John Wayne Gacy did not do clowns any favors. Today more people than ever suffer from the same clown phobia my friend has. 

Because I work too much, I am often the last to know. My children are frequently my source of information with regards to current events. Last night, my son informed me that there is a new phenomenon sweeping the country: “Creepy Clown Sightings”. Interested, I turned on the local news and saw for myself: clowns watching children, clowns chasing adults, clowns lurking in shadows behind tree’s, clowns making threats on social media…for real. Like every crime that ever existed, the incidents are increasing as more idiots hear about it and decide they’ll join the creepy clown party. 

The USA Today reports at least 10 states have clown problems. It sounds like something that should be handled by animal control. Here is just one example:


A 10-year-old found responsible for making “clown threats” to Montgomery Public Schools in Alabama was arrested Sept. 21. Earlier that week, police arrested two high school students behind a since-deleted Facebook account named ClappyAndslappy DaClown, which released a 5-minute video threatening violence against Troy residents.”

Take note clown wannabe’s. Police are taking this seriously, as they should. This may have started out as some people claim, a promotion for some independent film, or it could be a Halloween prank, but people are being arrested. It seems idiots across the nation are reaching for tubes of “clown white”, and heading outside. 
Because I have a warped sense of humor, I see the humor in this. This is so absurd that it is actually funny (to me anyway). But there is a huge problem here. And so here I offer my motherly advice to teenagers who might think joining in on this prank might be a fun thing to do on a Saturday night:

If you do this, you run a very high risk of arrest, and a serious risk of a mob ass kicking. This is not a smart prank. Teens often don’t realize that a world exists beyond their schools. There is a real terrorist threat in the world today, and people may not stand in wait to see if you are a teenager without any common sense, or the next mass shooter. 
October 5, 2016, Daily Prompt: Tree~ <a href=””>Tree</a&gt;

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