Times have changed I realize

I said something today

In my wildest vast imaginings

I never thought I’d say:

“Son, you did some laundry

Which inspires in me new hope

Unsolicited and without advise

On the use of bleach or soap

No one was harmed and actually

Your jeans turned out just fine

In future however please omit

Any clothes of which are mine

My stockings stuck to velcro

My silk shirts are now in shreds

My lights are streaked with color 

My sweaters all have dreads

My slacks now fit the Barbie

My skirts extremely short

My Dream Angel Bras a nightmare

They still fit if I contort

When all is said and done

You tried (and you meant well)

To relieve me of a burden

So however the cards fell

Clothes can be replaced

They don’t matter all that much

But in future when you do the wash

My things – please do not touch.”

October 6, 2016, Daily Prompt: Realize~ <a href=””>Realize</a&gt;

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