Donald Trump Selects Billy Bush as Running Mate after Mike Pence Bows Out— 

Displaying an éclat of genius we haven’t seen in this election, a live mike tape that captured Trump in conversation with Billy Bush, (entertainment “journalist” and cousin to George W) was released yesterday. This ten year old tape offers insight into the mind of a misogynistic, predatory, sexist pig, which Trump claims not to be: “You can do anything you want to a woman when you’re famous.” He speaks of his entitlement to assault woman.

Is anyone surprised at the consistency of character this tape displays? The problem for Donald is that most women have known a man like this at some point in their lives…sexually agressive bully, and hearing him say what he says makes it easy to hate him. Did any of his followers, male or female, experience an epiphany when this tape was released? I don’t think so. Donald backers are firm, as they have a right to be. This is not an argument to try to sway anyone, although uncommitted voters may have been swayed with this revelation.

“It was locker room banter.” – That comment is insulting to anyone who has ever been in a locker room, and that was how he initially dismissed the leaked tape: “Sorry if anyone was offended.”  – if there is anything I can’t stand it’s that kind of an apology. I’ve gone over this in previous posts, (one of them regarding Ryan Lochte who ironically was defended by Billy Bush for his bad behavior), 

but let me say that this was probably Donald’s first apology ever, and it was a non apology. It is not a display of regret, or an admission of guilt, but it is putting fault on those who might have been offended—you reacted poorly. If you were offended you didn’t understand that this was just frat boys being frat boys, and I’m sorry you don’t get it.

Is it my imagination, or is his fake tan darker today? Donald Trump tries his apology again, and this one is slow and clear… reading ver-ba-tim.

It is because of this apology (which was obviously written by someone who understands which words should be included in, and which should be omitted from an effective apology) I will now be voting for Donald Trump, because I accept his apology, and I believe that no one respects a women’s p**sy more he does (-said without sincerity or inflection, or truth.) Never.

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence as of yesterday refused to comment on the tape. He hasn’t bowed out of the election yet, but if he does, Billy Bush might be looking for a job. 
October 8, 2016, Daily Prompt: Argument<a href=””>Argument</a&gt;

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