Politically Correct

My sixteen year old son warned me a few days ago to “Stop with the political posts. You’re going to lose all your followers.” That concern warmed my heart.

I posted anyway, this is my blog…then I watched the numbers. They looked like the presidential polls: up one down two, up three down one. 

I thought about my blog numbers— the follows, the likes. I want more, so much more…muahaha! And then I thought about Trumps numbers. His supporters are hard core. He never seems to offend them. They seem unphased by the reality of this man. His numbers haven’t changed substantially with any of the warped lies or rapist stream of consciousness garbage he has uttered. 

What is the difference? He doesn’t use humor intentionally, and he doesn’t talk about politics.

…and now, let’s watch the numbers.


October 9, 2016, Daily Prompt: Careful~

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/careful/”>Careful</a&gt;

13 thoughts on “Politically Correct

  1. I completely agree! It amazes me how unfazed Trump’s supporters are by his disdainful comments. However, as one Trump supporter interviewee stated “Well, he’s not running for the Pope”

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