Every 108 Years/ Baseball and Donald Trump

Dear Ohio,

I was born and raised on the North side of Chicago…home of the Chicago Cubs World Series Champions of 1908, so I should care about current events like the World Series. This year “we” are contenders yet again…every 108 years “we” clinch it…this is “our” year. 

You are wondering what’s with my “quotation marks” aren’t you? As far as Chicago sports go…or any sports for that matter, I feel no “we” or “our” bond. The Cubs lost me in the first inning so to speak. Cub fans, need not worry that I’ve defected and joined forces with you Ohio fans who “we” are facing off against. The Cleveland Indians, World Series Champions of 1948 have another forty years to wait before they win again…if my statistical data is correct. 

I am alluding to the fact that I don’t care about sports. What else is there to care about? I care about the well-being of my children, paying my bills, and getting through another day as a single parent. I’m kind of busy. 

I have my distractions: a continuing quest to become fluent in French, books, writing, and À ce moment, the presidential election. I am not a politician, and obviously I am not a political reporter. I am not a Hillary Clinton fanatic either…I only hate Donald Trump. I can not understand the polls. Donald Trump/ American jackass is blowing transparent smoke. It’s easy to see through him.

Ohio, I understand your desire to be wined and dined by presidential candidates, and Hillary Clinton has been dining elsewhere while Trump is paying court. Who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of attention? (me) I have spent several minutes studying your economy, and I understand that auto, steel, and agriculture are your top three industries. You have a thriving economy. In fact, according to World Bank projections, you rank 25th on the list of largest global economies, just behind Sweden. You boast a low unemployment rate in comparison to the rest of the country…so what is Trump selling you?

Donald Trump’s priority is…(drumroll)…Donald Trump. He saves money on his real estate ventures by: purchasing steel from China, using illegal immigrants for labor, and filing bankruptcy when the other bills roll in so that he doesn’t have to pay his American contractors. 

I give up. I give up on the whole “show us your tax returns” argument. I give up on arguing the fact that this man, because of his wealth, has gotten away with sexual misconduct for years. I give up pointing out his racist tendencies, his lack of compassion for the disabled, his misogyny, his all around unethical visage, orange skin and what the hell is that on his head? 

1908 was the last time the Cubs won the World Series. Adolph Hitler was 18 years old in 1908. If Adolph Hitler had been an athlete instead of a dictator the world would be a better place…as it would be if Trump were playing for Cleveland…better for the Cubs anyway. 

Ohio, you have your booming economy while Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy. What else does Illinois have if not it’s pattern of World Series Championships…every 108 years. 

Best wishes Ohio, for your continued success, and looking forward to your World Series win in 2056.



October 27, 2016, Daily Prompt: Smoke~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/smoke/”>Smoke</a&gt;

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