No Snapchat for You!

Desperate for any crumb of information I creep them on Facebook, I text more often than I should, and out of desperation I rearrange my schedule so I’ll be available for the once popular phone call when I know they don’t have class…not that they call. How busy could their college lives possibly be? Their responding texts are minimal, and they haven’t updated their Facebook accounts in several months— no posts, and no pictures. I ask around, and no they haven’t blocked me. 

Then I hear from a secret informant that my child who is at school in New York mentioned me on snapchat…”something really nice.” Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hal-le-lu-ja!

I ask my sixteen year old son to explain what snapchat is and how it works and to help me get on it. His initial reaction was to play dumb. “I really don’t know mom.” — Mom was said as a three syllable word. 

I said: “That’s okay, I’ll figure it out.” 

I would categorise his response to that statement as a dramatic over reaction: 


I didn’t violate any social media laws, and still my son forbids me from snapchatting? “Parents ruined Facebook?” Was it the recipes or the baby pictures?

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4 thoughts on “No Snapchat for You!

  1. Hah. My great nieces have never acknowledged one Facebook message I’ve sent them. I figure they know it would be rude to drop me as a friend so they just pretend I’m not there. My grandmother used to say, with a martyred sigh, “Yah! Mama might be dead!” I am too cool of course to remind my nieces that I have perhaps 20 or 30 good years left and one day I can only think they’ll be sorry they shunned me. I would be willing to bet your kids have opened new Facebook accounts under slightly different names. Do’t tell them I tipped you off to this. My nieces haven’t thought of this yet.

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  2. As my kid get older it seems more and more of my parenting involves bargaining over social media access. When my daughter wanted snap chat I sighed and wondered why she couldn’t just be content with Facebook (I had zero desire to learn how to navigate a new online community). She retorted that only old people use Facebook. ‘That’s crazy, I use Fac…Wait a minute!!!’

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