The War of the Dakota Pipeline 

I need a break. I can’t talk how about how afraid I am of what will happen to this country in the next 4 years. I just can’t.
I could talk about the Dakota Pipeline and how that war is going —money and oil vs clean water and land. You know that song: “this land is your land, this land is my land”— I might be wrong, but I think that land belongs to the Sioux Indians. 

I could talk about the peaceful protesters who who call themselves “water protectors” (because they’re trying to protect their clean water), and about how last night I watched a live video stream filmed by a citizen (Kevin Gilbert) on his phone in Cannonball near Bismarck North Dakota. 
The “water protectors” whose first amendment rights – the right to peaceably assemble – were met with a constant blast of water cannons in sub freezing temperatures, tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber bullets- people of all ages surrounded on a bridge with no where to go unless they trampled each other. Constant attacks for I don’t know how long…because after watching for two hours I decided to go to my warm bed.

This is really happening in America. We are at war with ourselves. This where our tax dollars are being spent. A militia brutally attacking peaceful protesters who exercise their first amendment rights. 

When will they turn the hoses on the peaceful anti-trump protesters in New York, and Washington, and all across the country? I watched for over two hours before I decided I’d go to bed…and I tried not to dream about the course in which our nation is headed. 
I’m taking the day off. Maybe tomorrow I’ll talk about how afraid I am of what will happen to this country in the next 4 years

Video below


November 21, 2016

5 thoughts on “The War of the Dakota Pipeline 

  1. I know it’s scary, but even in the ugliest of situations and most dreadful of times, we can be sure that God is in control of all of it. He has a plan for all of this and we have to trust him. Worry and fretting will do nothing to change things. LET IT GO😍

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  2. We are afraid here in Canada, too, because we share a continent. It’s coming to that time when we really will have to fight for was is right. Not a time for complacency; that’s how we got into this mess.

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      1. I can’t believe we are still arguing about it here. The other day I had to tell a co-worker to please stop trying to convince me Hilary was a crook and Trump is “a change for the better”. It makes me sick at what might happen there in the next couple of years.

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